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Personal energy crisis.

Excerpts from Instinct Based Medicine by Dr. Leonard Coldwell

You are alive because of energy. When you run out of energy you are dead. The main cause of energy depletion in our body is mental and emotional stress. When we are under stress our bodies release extra hormones. Your brain cannot tell the difference between something that is actually happening and something that is simply a figment of your imagination. When there are extra hormones racing around in your body they actually poison your body and suppress your immune system. Your emotions can be draining you of energy and in turn causing you to be sick.

When you don't have enough energy and when you don't have enough oxygen your cells become weak. If your immune system is too weak to get rid of the dead cells then they can accumulate and contribute to a toxic condition in your body which can in turn become a tumor or cancer. Cells only mutate and die when there is a lack of energy, nutrition or oxygen.

Most of the cells in the body only last for eleven months. Every second of the day there is a part of you that is brand new. Based on what you do your cells are becoming more healthy or they are becoming more unhealthy. Nearly seven billion liver cells renew every second. Every eight weeks you get new kidneys. Every eight months you have new lungs. Every four weeks you have new skin.

Occasional stress is not the problem. The problem is when stress goes on and on and on. You might be surprised how many people develop cancer who have a job that they hate or that is really stressful or they are in a really bad relationship. Happiness is so important to good health. Rather than letting it "kill you" find another job and end destructive relationships. Negative ongoing mental and emotional stress can be alleviated with hope, goals that excite and energize you, positive action, self love, self esteem and self confidence. 

Every second thousands of blood cells die. The lymph system is supposed to remove this. The only way that the lymph can be moved is if you move. The lymph system doesn't have a pump like the heart that pumps the blood. This is another reason why exercise is so important. Not only does it help you to get more oxygen but it also helps to get the lymph fluid moving.

Dr. Alexis Carrol believed that healthy cells could not die if they received sufficient energy, oxygen and nutrition, and toxins were regularly removed. He used cells from ten to twelve year old chickens, providing them with sufficient oxygen and removing the toxins. In this condition, he managed to keep the cells alive for thirty-four years after which time he stopped the experiment, convinced that he could have kept the cells alive forever under these conditions.

When your body is trying to eliminate toxins there can be reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, headache, coughing and fever. When a person turns to medicine to relieve symptoms the medicine often fights these natural reactions forcing the body to retain the toxins, which can then lead to serious medical problems. Always remember that drugs work against the body. For good health you want to use natural products that work with the body. The only thing that can heal the body, other than God, is the body but it needs the right materials.

Respected physicians, therapists and researchers have clearly proven that a body filled with healthful life giving energy is resistant against viruses and bacteria. To prove his point, Professor Bernard went so far as to put cholera bacteria on a slice of bread which he promptly ate in front of his students. He did not get sick! Throughout medical history, there has never been any proof whatsoever that a bacteria or virus can damage a healthy body cell. Dr. Duisburg has stated, "The territory is everything, the microbe is negligible." Scientists from all over the world agree that a body filled with energy will not get sick.

Modern science proves that there is a very close connection between stress and obesity, diabetes, impotence, dementia, heart disease, cancer, memory loss and pre-aging. Extremely elevated stress hormones can lead to auto immune disease which means that the immune system starts to attack the bodies own tissues. Scientific research and studies have shown that chronic stress leads to a fifty percent reduction of immune cells also called natural killer cells. Of significance is that when women get diagnosed with breast cancer, they automatically lose fifty percent of their killer cells because of the stress caused from hearing the diagnosis. This also explains why directly after a diagnosis of a disease, patients deteriorate. This is all caused by stress. Finnish researchers showed that by lowering stress hormones the results were that the aging process was slowed down by twenty-five percent. 

One of the very best ways to lower stress is to use therapeutic grade essential oils. You can find out more at:
Want energy? Look to your lifestyle.
by Dr. Wenker

Lifestyle and body weight have a direct impact on:
*Cardiovascular disease
*Many other diseases
- Someone's health
- Someone's life expectancy
- Overall US economy

What if there was a medical treatment or drug that would:
- Reduce Alzheimer's by 50%
- Reduce progression to diabetes by 58%
- Reduce cancers by 30 to 80%
- Reduce hip fractures by 41%
- Reduce anxiety and depression by 50%
- Reduce arthritis pain by 47%
- Reduce overall risk of dying by 23%
That medicine would be called - walk briskly for 30 minutes a day.

Exercise and essential oils.
Peppermint oil
- Energizes mind and body
- Supports breathing
- Supports oxygen uptake and improves performance. Athletes run faster, are stronger, and can do more pushups after inhaling peppermint oil.
- Can be inhaled and applied topically

Wintergreen oil
- Contains the active ingredient and is beneficial for soothing head tension and muscles after exercising.
- Use together with peppermint for improved absorption

- One of the most powerful oils to reduce inflammation.
- Can be used to decrease inflammation and muscle damage after exercise.

Apply to muscles
- Energizing - peppermint and Eucalyptus Blue
- Calming and recovery - marjoram, rosemary, copaiba, basil, Eucalyptus Blue, Idaho blue spruce

Cramps or very tight muscles
- helicrysum, lavender, copaiba, pine, lemongrass, wintergreen, Eucalyptus Blue

Treat sore muscles and recover faster
- peppermint, frankincense, copaiba, helichrysum, wintergreen, basil, Eucalyptus Blue, Idaho blue spruce, Deep Relief, Pan Away, Aroma Siez

Use Ningxia Nitro - brain and fitness supplement
* A healthy energy drink
* Fruits and fruit extracts with high C3G levels
* Energy boosting natural compounds
* Essential oil neurotransmitters
* Essential oil energy boosters
* Essential oil thermogenics
* Energy-boosting vitamins
* Supports cellular energy production
* Supports healthy brain function
* Stimulates metabolism and therefore supports weight-loss
* Suppresses appetite and increases satiety therefore helping again with weight-loss
* Helps to reduce fat accumulation

Ingredients in Ningxia Nitro
Fruit blend in Ningxia Nitro - 
* Sour cherry - rich in quercetin and vitamin C which are strong antioxidants, prevents bad cholesterol from being oxidized, inhibits inflammatory enzymes such as COX 1 and 2 and are as good as nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs, reduces muscle damage and muscle pain caused by exercise.
* Kiwi - filled with soluble and insoluble fibers, good source of vitamin C and E, low in sodium and high in potassium and magnesium, full of flavonoids and carotenoids which are strong antioxidants, some call it natural weight-loss food
* Acerola - rich in vitamin C and minerals, contains quercetin, B vitamins and vitamin A, stimulates collagen and has wound healing properties, athletes use this to improve physical endurance
* Black currant - contains cyanidin-3-glucosides, alpha-linolenic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, rich in vitamins and minerals, used for easing arthritis and joint pain, boosts immune system, lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing good cholesterol
- Cyanidin-3-glucoside - lowers blood sugar, increases insulin sensitivity, activates muscles by increasing sugar and fat uptake into muscle cells, has anticancer activity, strong antioxidant, inflammation reducing effects especially in fat cells, supports weight loss by decreasing weight gain by increasing leptin and reducing fat accumulation in tissues
* Mulberry/Billberry 
* Blueberry
* Raspberry
* Strawberry
* Cranberry

Wolfberry seed oil - strong antioxidant, supports mental wellbeing and happiness, improves athletic performance, can increase metabolism by 10%

Vanilla essential oil - reduces appetite by modulating cravings, protects the brain, strong antioxidant, inhibits cancer growth, inhibits growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi/mold

Chocolate essential oil - healthy energy booster, reduces appetite by modulating cravings, improves general health, increases energy, decreases depression, strong antioxidant, boosts immune function

Yerba mate essential oil - decreases bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, inhibits weight gain, supports weight loss, improves muscle function and athletic endurance, decreases lactic acid build-up.

Essential oil blend of spearmint, peppermint, nutmeg and black pepper which energize, stimulate the mind and body and help to burn fat

Korean ginseng - increases stamina and energy, boosts the immune system, supports weight loss and helps to prevent obesity, improves mental focus, helps to improve male erectile function - in a study done 60% of men had improved erectile function.

D-Ribose - a sugar produced in our own body that lowers blood glucose, improves muscle function and recovery, increases cellular energy, improves athletic performance

Green tea extract - enhances physical energy, enhances mental sharpness, boosts immune system, anti-cancer activity, reduces appetite, energy enhancing, strong antioxidant

B vitamins - B3, B6, B9, B12

Choline bitartrate - used to enhance athletic performance, improves memory and is used to treat Alzheimer's disease, dementia, depression and brain fog, reduces cholesterol levels, protects the liver from alcohol-related damage, lowers blood pressure

Potassium Iodine - important sourse of iodine for the thyroid gland, used to protect the thyroid from radiation damage, is also an anti-septic

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